At First American, we are committed to taking an aggressive, innovative approach to addressing your individual goals and objectives and developing practical, workable solutions.

First American provides a wide array of trust services:
Investment Management
Estate Planning
Life Insurance Trust
Personal Trust
Employee Benefit Trust
Institutional & Corporate Services
ORP (Optional Retirement Plan)

We offer solutions

To establish a plan, we will review your current financial position, help identify short and long-term goals and then recommend personal financial services to meet your needs.

We can manage your assets to meet your needs and goals and distribute the income to you or whomever you designate. In the event of a disability, we can assume full responsibility and handle your financial obligations as long as necessary so when you have to worry at all.

You are in control

We provide periodic reports and statements to keep you fully informed of all transactions. We regularly review the investment performance and discuss with you any recommended changes.

No other financial arrangement allows you as much flexibility or offers as many benefits. It is surprisingly easy to set up this kind of arrangement, and you can change or even cancel it any time you wish – it’s that simple.

Our Trust Division has an experienced staff and exemplary reporting and accounting systems. Our staff is sensitive to our clients, interpreting needs and offering solutions to meet those needs. We feel it is important to think with our clients, not just about them. We are always ready to respond to the changing needs of our clients.
As a reliable and reputable bank with solution for any financial case, it is essential for us to bring you the top methods and techniques to run your business and perform your enterprising plans. We do recommend the usage of Dodd Frank derivatives and we claim that they can be useful for you, too. When we build a strategy for you – either to eliminate the risk, or to establish a better platform for your upcoming investments and initiatives, turning to Dodd Frank derivatives is essential for us in many cases. Despite the discussions that made these derivatives so suspicious, we can assure you that at some circumstances, they can be the top solutions for your individual case. Our mission is to accomplish your goals and when it comes to more non-standard approaches, we are ready to apply them. Such extra ordinary initiatives might be exactly the Dodd Frank derivatives. They establish a base, where you can make prognosis for future events and business steps. We can make a whole new strategy even and turn the course of your current direction, which as you know is a must in situations, when the present situation is not satisfying or progressive. Just recall the cases, when dodd Frank derivatives helped so many big names in business to achieve success and you can now entrust is in applying them in your personal financial case, too. It takes risk and courage sometimes, but Dodd Frank derivatives minimize the risk and make courage more lead you to your goals.

The attention you deserve

First American Bank’s Trust Division has a personal concern for the financial health of our communities, our region and our state. As a strong, Texas-owned bank, First American Bank is proud to offer complete, reliable trust services to our customers across the state.
Rather than entrusting your future to some large, national chain, why not take advantage of the professionalism and personalized service that only a Texas-based corporation, like First American Bank, can provide. With the financial strength of First American Bank, you can have full confidence of our stability, both now and in the future. We will continue the tradition of providing a stable team of professionals with deep roots in the industry and a total commitment to providing distinctive trust services.

Simply put, we want to be your bank. It’s good business for both of us.

Even if you decide to play at the best online casinos and use that site to pick a provider, we will be your bank too.

A philosophy of service

Every employee in First American’s Trust Division understands the importance of customer service. It is a philosophy of caring that permeates our entire bank’s culture.

As our customer, you can feel this attitude the moment you walk through our doors. It’s what makes First American’s Trust Division unique – and it’s what drives the commitment to strong growth of your account.